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We offer a range of Augmented Reality apps & services for accelerating your business.
Our technology enables customers to label, share and find highly accurate locations without the need for additional hardware or pre-existing scans.
We believe that we create an entirely new, intuitive, and non-verbal way to communicate. Read more about how our products help businesses drastically reduce search and communication overheads in our product overview.

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Chicken Technologies
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ChickenTech Site Manager

The ChickenTech Site Manager is a commercial application for construction and facility management businesses. It provides an intuitive user interface to communicate exact locations and can be used for a variety of tasks:

  • Marking & relocating of deliveries
  • Marking & relocating of faults / damages
  • Tracking of work progress
  • Overlaying real world with information / 3D models

ChickenTech Navigator

In rapidly changing environments, an intuitive interface for businesses to create navigation paths helps providing a smooth and memorable customer experience. Our in- & outdoor navigation solution does not require on-premise hardware installation and thus is especially useful for businesses with shifting layouts, such as:

  • Museums
  • Convention Centers
  • etc.

Chicken App

While we currently focus on adding value to business customers, our technology also opens up new possibilities for consumer entertainment. With the Chicken App, users can turn the real world into a social network.
Keep posted for its official release

  • World class entertainment
  • Private location sharing
  • Community channels to annotate the world

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Accelerate Your Business By Using Our AR Technology

1How You Can Profit From AR
Our augmented reality applications decrease search times and overheads for communication tasks. If you interact with public customers, it also is a great technology to engage with an increasingly digital user base and boost your business by providing an intuitive tool for navigation and localization.
With Chicken Technologies, you can rely on a team of experienced developers to accelerate your business using AR technology. We constantly improve our apps to supply our customers with cutting-edge Augmented Reality solutions.
The Chicken App has been and will always be our playing ground to combine new technology, user entertainment and our passion for chickens in an app that sparks joy in every single user. It's a great tool to test new features before rolling them out to our commercial applications.

The Team

At Chicken Technologies, we believe that a good team is key to both business success and living a culture of creativity and open-mindedness. Meet the people behind your favourite app:

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